Responsive And Experienced Representation Handling Your Immigration And Bankruptcy Issues

For more than 20 years, the Law Office of Donald H. London Esq. has been providing quality counsel and representation to individuals, families and businesses throughout Westchester County and the surrounding tri-state area.

When Mr. London takes a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, he personally handles the case from the initial consultation through the creditor's meeting and bankruptcy discharge. Having handled more than 1,000 bankruptcy petitions, Mr. London can help you confidently move through the bankruptcy process while exploring all available options for helping you achieve a fresh start.

Regarding immigration services, Mr. London has successfully represented thousands of clients in obtaining their green cards, temporary work visas, asylum applications, deportation proceedings, U.S. citizenship applications and numerous other immigration-related matters. Mr. London understands the value and importance his clients place on living and working in the United States legally. By staying up to date on all changes to the law, Mr. London can help you and your family in all facets of U.S. immigration law.