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Guiding Individuals And Families Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

When most people think of bankruptcy, they imagine many of the processes associated with Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Often referred to as liquidation, Chapter 7 provides many debtors a quick and effective method for discharging debts and jump-starting their financial lives while retaining much of their property and assets.

Silence Creditors And Discharge Your Debts Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are struggling with substantial debts, you know firsthand the stress and pressure that come with carrying a heavy debt burden. Creditor calls, past-due notices in the mail, the possibility of foreclosure, wage garnishment and numerous other factors can leave you feeling lost with nowhere to turn.

At the Law Office of Donald H. London Esq., we can help alleviate your financial problems by exploring your bankruptcy options. If you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, you will be able to get the creditors off your back, and discharge your debts in a matter of months.

Once you have secured our services (signing a retainer agreement, etc.), your creditors will be notified to contact us, not you. If creditors continue to call or harass you, notify them that you have retained counsel. If the harassment persists, we can take legal action against the creditors.

Although many people assume they will need to sell off their property to a trustee, a majority of Chapter 7 filings are no-asset cases, meaning the debtor retains virtually all of his or her property and assets. As your attorneys, we can explain what types of property qualify for an exemption and help protect the assets that are most important to you.

When we sit down to discuss your bankruptcy options, we will review your individual circumstances, explain the means test, the benefits of the automatic stay and all other relevant information. Ultimately, we want to answer your questions as clearly as possible so you can make informed decisions regarding your future.

Speak With An Experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Contact our Yonkers, New York, law office by calling 914-979-2743 or take a moment to complete our online contact form. We are available for evening, weekend and special appointments. We offer Spanish-language services.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.