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Our Business Immigration Practice

For businesses throughout the United States, foreign workers bring a wealth of fresh ideas, cultural diversity, talents and skill sets that benefit business operations, the economy as well as the careers of foreign nationals looking to advance within their respective fields.

At the Law Office of Donald H. London Esq., we work with foreign workers and employers throughout New York and the tri-state area navigate the complex legal processes associated with securing employment visas and other immigration law matters.

Guiding Your Business And Foreign Employees Through The Immigration Process

For employers and prospective foreign workers alike, the U.S. immigration process can be incredibly confusing. Understanding the restrictions and requirements often requires the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney.

When you reach out to our firm, we will outline the specific type of visa that applies to your situation and help you secure necessary documentation and complete the application process. Below is a list of U.S. employment visas we commonly assist clients in securing:

  • H-1B special workers visas (professionals)
  • H-1C nurse workers visa
  • H-2A agricultural workers visa
  • H-2B seasonal workers visa
  • H-3 professional training visa
  • O-1 extraordinary ability visa
  • L-1A/L-1B multinational intracompany transferee visa
  • B-1/B-2 business visitors (preparation and renewal)
  • J-1 training and exchange visa
  • R-1 religious workers visa
  • Q-1 cultural exchange visitors visa
  • TN NAFTA professionals visa
  • P-1 artists, athletes and entertainers visa

We encourage prospective clients to reach out to us with questions regarding business immigration and employment visas as well as other U.S. immigration issues. We are attentive, respond to calls and emails quickly, offer flexible appointment scheduling and provide Spanish-language services.

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